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Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.OpenSystems Namespace / ITerminal Interface

In This Topic
    ITerminal Interface Methods
    In This Topic

    For a list of all members of this type, see ITerminal members.

    Public Methods
     MethodAdds a reference to a session file that contains macros you want to share with the current session to the VBA References settings. After you add the reference, the macros in that file are available to the current session. When you save your session, the macros are saved in your current session document file and updated each time you reopen your session.  
     MethodCloses the terminal session with the close option.  
     MethodCloses all connections established by the current instance of the emulator.  
     MethodConnects to the host. It is ignored if a connection already exists.  
     MethodOverloaded. Dials a modem. This method is only valid if Reflection is set to use the old modem dialer (UseModemDialerV5 = true).  
     MethodDisconnects from the host. If no connection currently exists, this method is ignored.  
     MethodExecute a given action. Actions possible is defined in InputMapActionID.  
     MethodIssues a request to the Management and Security Server for a DASO pass ticket. On success, the DASOUserID and DASOPassTicket properties will be valid and can be used for automated sign on to the host. The application ID can be preset using the DASOApplicationID property in which case the ApplicationID parameter on this call may be empty.  
     MethodReturns a statistic for a serial connection.  
     MethodRetrieves a list of the session documents referenced by the current session from the VBA References settings. The macros in these session documents are available to the current session.  
     MethodHangs up the modem by sending the Hayes "+++" command to get the modem's attention, followed by the "ATH" hangup command.  
     MethodOpens a setting file.  
     MethodProcess a tracefile created by StartTrace()/StopTrace().  

    Removes a reference to a session document file from the VBA References settings. After you remove this file name, the macros in that file are no longer available in the current session. To make this change permanent, you'll need to save your session document file.

     MethodExecutes a terminal reset.  
     MethodRestores the session settings to the default settings as specified by the restore option value.  
     MethodResumes a previously suspended connection (suspend connections with the SuspendConnection method).  
     MethodSaves all settings.  
     MethodSaves all settings to the specified file.  
     MethodSaves a session as a compound session document.  
     MethodStart logging terminal activity.  
     MethodStarts capturing data coming from the host to a disk file.  
     MethodStop logging terminal activity.  
     MethodFor internal use. Used when a Terminal User Control is being shut down.  
     MethodStops capturing incoming host data to a file and closes the trace file.  
     MethodSuspends the current host connection (so that it can be resumed later with ResumeConnection).  
     MethodOverloaded. Initializes the modem to automatically answer an incoming call and opens a status dialog box until a connection is established.  
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