InfoConnect for Unisys
Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.OpenSystems Namespace / IScreen Interface / ReGISRestoreTextColors Property

In This Topic
    ReGISRestoreTextColors Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets a value indicating whether InfoConnect restores text colors after ReGIS graphics have been drawn. When this property is set to True, colors are temporarily saved by InfoConnect when all three of the following events occur: · InfoConnect is placed into ReGIS mode by a graphics application. · The application changes your colors. · A ReGIS or sixel image is drawn on the screen. Text colors are then restored when either of the following occurs: · The entire screen is cleared (with the sequence H, J, or 2J). · The application exits ReGIS mode and the entire image scrolls off the screen (for example, as the result of a series of characters). This behavior differs from an actual terminal, where your original colors are never restored when changed by a graphics application. If colors were changed in ReGIS but no graphics were drawn, the original colors are not restored. This preserves the intent of some text applications that use ReGIS to change screen colors.
    Property ReGISRestoreTextColors As Boolean
    Dim instance As IScreen
    Dim value As Boolean
    instance.ReGISRestoreTextColors = value
    value = instance.ReGISRestoreTextColors
    bool ReGISRestoreTextColors {get; set;}
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