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Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.OpenSystems Namespace / IFileTransfer Interface / TransferDefaultProtocol Property

In This Topic
    TransferDefaultProtocol Property
    In This Topic
    Five transfer protocols for sending or receiving files are supported.
    Property TransferDefaultProtocol As TransferProtocolOption
    Dim instance As IFileTransfer
    Dim value As TransferProtocolOption
    instance.TransferDefaultProtocol = value
    value = instance.TransferDefaultProtocol
    TransferProtocolOption TransferDefaultProtocol {get; set;}

    This property returns or specifies which protocol is used by default in the File Transfer dialog box. (Programmatic transfers use methods that are specific to a particular protocol—for example, KermitSendFile or WRQReceiveFile).

    The default value is TransferProtocolOption.WRQ.

    • TransferProtocolOption.FTP Specifies FTP as the default protocol.
    • TransferProtocolOption.Kermit Specifies Kermit as the default protocol.
    • TransferProtocolOption.WRQ Specifies WRQ/Reflection as the default protocol.
    • TransferProtocolOption.Xmodem Specifies Xmodem as the default protocol.
    • TransferProtocolOption.Zmodem Specifies Zmodem as the default protocol.
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