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Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.OpenSystems Namespace / IFileTransfer Interface / PCRecordSeparator Property

In This Topic
    PCRecordSeparator Property
    In This Topic
    Returns or specifies the character that is interpreted as a record separator in a PC ASCII file when it is transferred to the host.
    Property PCRecordSeparator As String
    Dim instance As IFileTransfer
    Dim value As String
    instance.PCRecordSeparator = value
    value = instance.PCRecordSeparator
    string PCRecordSeparator {get; set;}
    This property is only relevant when the UsePCRecordSeparator property is True. For example, this statement specifies that a LF in the PC file should be interpreted as the record separator: FileTransfer.PCRecordSeparator = "\n" This property only applies to ASCII file transfers using the WRQ/Reflection protocol. The default value is a carriage return and linefeed, which is represented as: "\r\n" The string cannot be more than 259 characters long.
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