InfoConnect for Unisys
Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.IbmHosts Namespace / IIbmScreen Interface / UseTableFormat Property

In This Topic
    UseTableFormat Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets a value that specifies how spaces are processed when text is copied to the Clipboard.
    Property UseTableFormat As Boolean
    Dim instance As IIbmScreen
    Dim value As Boolean
    instance.UseTableFormat = value
    value = instance.UseTableFormat
    bool UseTableFormat {get; set;}

    Property Value

    The default value is False.
    This exception is thrown when you try to modify a property that has been secured with the Permissions Manager or that can only be modified by an Administrator.
    If this property is true, InfoConnect determines whether the text on the screen is laid out in columns, and if so, uses this setting to determine whether to replace spaces between the columns with tabs.

    Use BlanksBetweenFields to specify the number of blank spaces in a row between columns of data in order for the data to be tab delimited.

    This property is useful for copying tables from host applications and pasting them in other applications.
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