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Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.IbmHosts Namespace / IIbmScreen Interface / FindField Method / FindField(Int32,Int32,FieldType,FindOption) Method
Start row position.
Start column position.
Length of the field.
The direction of the search.

In This Topic
    FindField(Int32,Int32,FieldType,FindOption) Method
    In This Topic
    Locates a field that matches the specified field attributes, starting from the specified row and column.
    Overloads Function FindField( _
       ByVal startRow As Integer, _
       ByVal startColumn As Integer, _
       ByVal fieldtype As FieldType, _
       ByVal findoption As FindOption _
    ) As HostField
    Dim instance As IIbmScreen
    Dim startRow As Integer
    Dim startColumn As Integer
    Dim fieldtype As FieldType
    Dim findoption As FindOption
    Dim value As HostField
    value = instance.FindField(startRow, startColumn, fieldtype, findoption)


    Start row position.
    Start column position.
    Length of the field.
    The direction of the search.

    Return Value

    A host field that is found, or null if it is not found.
    This exception is thrown if the startRow or startColumn parameters are outside the range of valid values: (1 to Rows) or (1 to Columns).
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