InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
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    Attachmate Objects Overview
    In This Topic

    The Attachmate Objects library contains objects that you can use to automate actions for productivity, the user interface, and Web controls.  

    Attachmate Objects Description
    Productivity Objects Includes objects for productivity items such as Spell Check, AutoComplete, AutoExpand, and Screen History.
    User Interface Objects Includes the Frame and View objects used to control the user interface. The Frame object controls the visual aspect of the application. The View object controls the visual aspect of a session document.
    Web Objects Includes all Web controls.



    Attachmate Objects Enums Description
    CloseOption Indicates how to handle the Save action when closing the control.
    ProductivityOverwriteOption Enumeration of replace word overwrite values.
    SpellingLanguage Specifies the language dictionary to use with Spell Check if the Spell Check engine supports multiple languages.
    ReturnCode The code that's returned from a method to indicate success and error conditions.
    FormWindowState Specifies how the Reflection main window (workspace) is displayed.
    WindowModes The enumerator for WindowModes, which indicates the user interface mode the application uses.
    WebBrowserEncryptionLevel Specifies constants that define the encryption methods that are used by documents displayed in the Web browser control.
    WebBrowserReadyState Specifies constants that define the state of the Web browser control.