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Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Productivity Library / Productivity Object / ScratchPadContentsAsText Property
In This Topic
    ScratchPadContentsAsText Property
    In This Topic
    Gets the contents of the Scratch Pad as text.
    expression.ScratchPadContentsAsText As System.String
    Returns the Scratch Pad contents as a text string without any Rich Text Format markup.
    This sample writes content to the Scratch Pad and then retrieves it in Rich Text Format and as plain text.
    Sub GetContentFromScratchpad()
        Dim contents As String
        'Load some content into the scratch pad
        ThisIbmTerminal.Productivity.ScratchPadContents = "Some text"
        'Retrieve the content in rich text format
        contents = ThisIbmTerminal.Productivity.ScratchPadContents
        Debug.Print "Rich text format: " + contents
        'Now retreive the content as plain text
        contents = ThisIbmTerminal.Productivity.ScratchPadContentsAsText
        Debug.Print "Plain text format: " + contents
    End Sub
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