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IAlcScreen Interface Properties

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Public Properties
 PropertyClearSelectionOnCopyGets or sets a value indicating whether text remains selected after it is copied to the Clipboard.  
 PropertyColumnsGets the number of columns in the screen.  
 PropertyCursorColumnGets or setsthe cursor's column location relative to the left edge of the terminal window.  
 PropertyCursorRowGets or sets the cursor's row location relative to the top edge of the terminal window.  
 PropertyIsKeyboardLockedGets a value indicating whether the keyboard is locked.  
 PropertyParentGets the parent object (IIbmTerminal).  
 PropertyRowsGets the number of rows of the screen.  
 PropertyScreenSettleStateGets a value indicating the settle state (stability) of the current screen.  
 PropertyScreenSettleTimeGets or sets time duration during which there should be no host data changes.  
 PropertySelectionGets the area of the screen that's currently selected.  
 PropertySelectionModeGets or sets options (Block or Stream) that determine the shape of a selected region.  
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