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IAlcScreen Interface Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by IAlcScreen.

Public Properties
 PropertyClearSelectionOnCopyGets or sets a value indicating whether text remains selected after it is copied to the Clipboard.  
 PropertyColumnsGets the number of columns in the screen.  
 PropertyCursorColumnGets or setsthe cursor's column location relative to the left edge of the terminal window.  
 PropertyCursorRowGets or sets the cursor's row location relative to the top edge of the terminal window.  
 PropertyIsKeyboardLockedGets a value indicating whether the keyboard is locked.  
 PropertyParentGets the parent object (IIbmTerminal).  
 PropertyRowsGets the number of rows of the screen.  
 PropertyScreenSettleStateGets a value indicating the settle state (stability) of the current screen.  
 PropertyScreenSettleTimeGets or sets time duration during which there should be no host data changes.  
 PropertySelectionGets the area of the screen that's currently selected.  
 PropertySelectionModeGets or sets options (Block or Stream) that determine the shape of a selected region.  
Public Methods
 MethodCancelSelectionCancels the text selection in the terminal window. If no text is selected, this method has no effect.  
 MethodCopyCopies selected text to the Clipboard.  
 MethodCopyAppendAppends selected text to the end of the Clipboard.  
 MethodCutCuts selected text and copies it to the Clipboard.  
 MethodExtendSelectionSelects all text in the terminal window between the selection start position and the specified coordinates.  
 MethodExtendSelectionRectSelects all text in the terminal window in all rows between the starting row and the specified row.  
 MethodGetCharacterGets the ScreenCharacter at the specified location.  
 MethodGetCharactersGets ScreenCharacter objects from the specified screen location. Each object represents one character.  
 MethodGetTextGets the text from the specified location.  
 MethodGetTextExGets the text from the specified screen area.  
 MethodLockInputLocks the screen so that users cannot use the keyboard to provide input.  
 MethodMoveCursorToOverloaded. Moves the cursor to the specified screen location.  
 MethodPasteCopies data from the Clipboard to the current cursor location.  
 MethodPasteContinuePastes remaining text from a previous Paste command.  
 MethodPutCharacterPuts a ScreenCharacter at the specified screen location.  
 MethodPutTextOverloaded. Puts text at the specified screen location.  
 MethodScreenCoordinateToIndexConverts screen position in row and column to linear screen buffer index.  
 MethodScreenIndexToColumnGets the column value of a screen location pointed to by screenIndex.  
 MethodScreenIndexToCoordinateGets the screen coordinate of a screen location pointed to by screenIndex.  
 MethodScreenIndexToRowGets the row value of a screen location pointed to by screenIndex.  
 MethodSearchTextOverloaded. Searches the specified text starting from the specified screen location.  
 MethodSelectAllSelects all of the text on the screen.  
 MethodSendControlKeySends a host control key to the host.  
 MethodSendControlKeySyncSends a host control key to the host.  
 MethodSendKeysSends the text string to the host.  
 MethodSetSelectionStartPosSets starting coordinates for selecting text.  
 MethodUnlockInputUnlocks the screen. See the LockInput() method for more information.  
 MethodWaitWaits for the specified duration.  
 MethodWaitForControlKeyWaits for the specified control key press.  
 MethodWaitForCursorOverloaded. Waits for the cursor to be at the specified screen location.  
 MethodWaitForHostSettleWaits for host screen data to settle.  
 MethodWaitForKeyboardEnabledWait for the keyboard to be unloacked enabled and ready for additional input.  
 MethodWaitForTextOverloaded. Waits for the specified text to appear at the specified screen location.  
Public Events
 EventAfterSendKeysOccurs after data keys are rendered on the terminal screen.  
 EventBeforeSendControlKeyOccurs before a control key is sent to the host.  
 EventBeforeSendKeysOccurs before a data key is sent to the host.  
 EventKeyboardLockedOccurs when the keyboard is locked.  
 EventKeyboardUnlockedOccurs when as the keyboard is unlocked.  
 EventMouseClickThis event occurs when a session window is clicked by the mouse.  
 EventNewScreenReadyOccurs when the screen has been quiet for the time duration specified by the ScreenSettleTime property.  
 EventScreenChangedOccurs when host data causes the data on the screen to change.  
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