InfoConnect for Unisys
UserFeaturesLocked Property

Gets or sets a value indicating whether certain features can be changed by the host.
Property UserFeaturesLocked As Boolean
Dim instance As ITerminal
Dim value As Boolean
instance.UserFeaturesLocked = value
value = instance.UserFeaturesLocked
bool UserFeaturesLocked {get; set;}

Property Value

The default value is false.
When this property is set to true, the following properties cannot be changed by the host:
  • Tab stops.
  • The value of the KeyboardLocked property.
  • The value of the InverseVideo property.
  • The value of the JumpScrollSpeed property.
  • The value of the AutoRepeat property.

Some host applications require that this property be set to false, so that they can control these features.
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