InfoConnect for Unisys
WRQTransferType Property

Returns or specifies the transfer type for transfers from the File Transfer dialog box.
Property WRQTransferType As TransferTypeOption
Dim instance As IFileTransfer
Dim value As TransferTypeOption
instance.WRQTransferType = value
value = instance.WRQTransferType
TransferTypeOption WRQTransferType {get; set;}

This property is automatically set every time you perform a WRQ/Reflection transfer from the dialog box. The value also becomes the default for the next transfer from the dialog box. This property has no effect on programmatic transfers—if you don't explicitly specify a transfer type with WRQSendFile or WRQReceiveFile, the default is always ASCII. This property is relevant only for transfers that use the WRQ/Reflection protocol. The default value is TransferTypeOption.ASCII. TransferTypeOption.ASCII: Specifies ASCII file transfer.

The ASCII File Translation options (as specified on the Translation tab in the File Transfer Setup dialog box) are applied to the data in the file as it is transferred. TransferTypeOption.Binary Specifies binary file transfer. Data in the file is not translated as it is transferred. TransferTypeOption.AutoDetect File transfer type is determined by the file extension. Use these properties to determine which file extensions are linked to which transfer type: TransferAutoDetectDefaultType TransferAutoDetectASCIIExtensionList TransferAutoDetectBinaryExtensionList TransferAutoDetectImageLabelsExtensionList TransferAutoDetectScanExtensionList TransferTypeOption.Image Host to host Image/Labels transfer (TransferTypeOption.Labels is a valid synonym).

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