InfoConnect for Unisys
IIbmTerminal Interface Methods

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Public Methods
 MethodCloseCloses the terminal session with the close option.  
 MethodConnectConnects to the host.  
 MethodDisconnectDisconnects from the host.  
 MethodExecuteExecute a given action. Actions possible is defined in InputMapActionID.  
 MethodGetDASOPassTicketIssues a request to the Management and Security Server for a DASO pass ticket. On success, the DASOUserID and DASOPassTicket properties will be valid and can be used for automated sign on to the host. The application ID can be preset using the DASOApplicationID property in which case the ApplicationID parameter on this call may be empty.  
 MethodSaveSaves all settings.  
 MethodSaveAsSaves all settings to the specified file.  
 MethodSaveAsCompoundSaves a session as a compound session document.  
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