InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
GetControlByInstanceId Function
Control instance ID object.
Gets a control by the control instance ID. The method returns the control that has the instance ID that matches controlInstanceId.
object.GetControlByInstanceId( _
   ByVal controlInstanceId As String _
) As Object


Control instance ID object.

Return Value

Returns the control whose instance ID matches


A control's instance ID is guaranteed to be unique. It does not persist in the session configuration file and its value changes between each session instantiation.

The instance ID is a string that contains a GUID. The GUID uses one of the following formats:

1) 32 contiguous digits

2) Hyphenated groups of 8, 4, 4, 4, and 12 digits (in that order)

3) Groups of 8, 4, and 4 digits, with a subset of eight groups of 2 digits (in that order).

For example (where "d" is a hexidecimal digit whose case is ignored):

{0xdddddddd,0xdddd, 0xdddd,{0xdd,0xdd,0xdd,0xdd,0xdd,0xdd,0xdd,0xdd}}

For the first two formats, enclosing braces or parentheses are optional.

For the third format, each group must be prefixed by "0x" or "0X" and separated by commas, and both the subset and entire GUID must be enclosed in braces (embedded spaces and leading zeroes in a group are ignored).

The digits shown in a group are the maximum number of meaningful digits that can appear in that group. You can specify from 1 to the number of digits shown for a group. The specified digits are assumed to be the low order digits of the group.

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