InfoConnect for Airlines VBA Guide
DestinationFileExistsOption Enumeration
Specifies what should happen with transfers from the File Transfer dialog box if the destination file already exists.
AppendThe contents of the source file are appended at the end of the destination file.
AskUserA dialog box prompts the user to specify what should be done.
CancelThe transfer fails.
DeleteFor transfers to a host, deletes both the contents of the host (destination) file and its attributes. For transfers from the host, replaces the local file.
OverwriteThis value is relevant only for WRQ/Reflection transfers. Its effect is host specific.
PurgeThis option is available when you're using the WRQ/Reflection protocol, and when you're connected to a VMS host or an HP 3000 host.
RenameRenames the file being transferred if a file of the same name already exists.
ResumeIf the destination file exists, InfoConnect assumes it's the result of an aborted download and resumes the file transfer from the point of interruption.
SkipInfoConnect does not transfer the file or return an error.
UpdateTransfers the file only if the source file is newer than the destination file. This option is relevant only for WRQ/Reflection transfers.
UseRemoteUses the IfFileExists option specified by the remote system.
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