Transfer Sites

Use this page to view and manage FileXpress Gateway transfer sites. Note the following:

  • To view the Transfer Sites page, you must be a member of a group with the Manage transfer sites role enabled.
  • Members of the Administrators group can view all transfer sites. Other users can view only those sites that they have permission to manage.
  • Click on a column heading to sort the list based on the entries in that column.
  • To select multiple transfer sites, click multiple check boxes, or use Shift+click to select a range of currently visible sites.


Quick Add

Opens the Quick Add dialog box. This provides a quick way to create a new transfer site and add a user to the site. If the user email you specify doesn't yet exist in the FileXpress user list, you see a confirmation message asking if you want to add the user. When you OK this message, a registration email is sent to the user.

Note: To use this option, you must be a member of the Transfer Site Administrators group (or any group that has both Manage FileXpress users and Manage transfer sites enabled).


Opens New Transfer Site. This page provides complete site creation options for creating a new transfer site.


Available when one site is selected.


Deletes the selected site or sites.

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