Remove a Server from a Gateway Administrator Cluster

Use the ConfigServer command line utility to remove a server from a Gateway Administrator Cluster.

Note: Removing a server from a cluster restores the server to its initial state, with only the default "admin" account configured.

To remove a server from a Gateway Administrator Cluster

  1. From any system with Gateway Administrator installed, open a command window using the "Run as administrator" option (Start > All Programs > Accessories, right-click Command Prompt > Run as administrator).
  2. Navigate to the FileXpress Gateway bin folder. For example:

    cd C:\Program Files\Attachmate\FileXpress\Gateway\GatewayAdministrator\bin

  3. Run configserver.bat using the following syntax, where the cluster server is the server that will remain in the cluster and the instance server is the server you want to remove from the cluster:

    configserver -clusterserver <clusterserver> -clusteruser <admin> -clusterpassword <password> -instanceserver <instanceserver> -instanceuser <admin> -instancepassword <password> -command removeserver

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