Edit Group

Use this page to modify FileXpress groups. Groups in added LDAP servers are read-only; they must be managed on the LDAP server.

  • To view the New Group page, you must be a member of a group with the System setup role enabled.



GroupID is read-only when you are editing an existing group.


Length must between 1 and 256 characters.


Specify which roles are available to users in this group.

Note: Changes to the above settings are saved to the database when you click Done. Changes to the group membership are saved to the database automatically when you complete the action.



Add Members

Opens Add Members, which you can use to add one or more users to the group.


Removes the selected user or users from the group.

Filter Members

Enter text in the text box and click Filter Members to search for users.


Clears the filter.

In some situations, users that have been added to a group might no longer be available. This can happen if a user has been removed from the remote LDAP server directory, or if you edit the Base DN or LDAP filter settings for the LDAP server. When a group member is no longer available, the UserID in the list is replaced by the Distinguished Name that identified that user, and the user is identified as "(Not Available)". For example:

CN=Joe Green,OU=Users,OU=sales,DC=acme (Not Available)

Users marked as not available can become available to the group if the LDAP server conditions change again. Or, you can delete these users from the group if you don't want them to remain in the list.

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