Log on to the Transfer Client and test a transfer

Use the next procedure to log on to the FileXpress Gateway Transfer Client and test a transfer.

To log on to the Transfer Client

  1. To start the Transfer Client from the Windows Start menu, go to Attachmate FileXpress Gateway > FileXpress Transfer Client.

    Note: The Start Menu option is available on the system you installed FileXpress on. This automatically launches your browser and enters the correct URL You can also log on by entering this URL manually. In later procedures you'll see how to generate email that includes a link with the correct URL.

  2. As with Gateway Administrator, you will see a warning message. For initial testing purposes, you can ignore this warning and proceed with the connection (Internet Explorer or Chrome) or add an exception (Firefox). This should take you to the Transfer Client login page.

    Note: After you replace the self-signed certificate with one signed by a well-known Certificate Authority, users won't see this certificate warning.

  3. Log on as Joe using the password you entered when you created this user.
  4. Because the Transfer Client is a Java applet, you'll see additional Java warning messages. Java uses security messages to ensure that only software you approve runs on your system. For each message, confirm that you want to continue. (The FileXpress Gateway Administrator's Guide includes additional information about these messages and how to turn off their display.) When you are successfully logged in, your display should look similar to the screenshot below.
  5. Browse the local files and drag-and-drop some sample files into the Demo folder. Also test a download to confirm that your test user can transfer files in both directions.

    Note: You can modify upload and download permissions for a transfer site at any time using the icons next to a user on the transfer site page. Green icons (uploadPermission.png for uploads and downloadPermission.png for downloads) indicate that transfers are enabled. Click these icons to disable transfers in either direction. Disabled transfers are indicated with gray icons (uploadPermissionDisabled.png and downloadPermissionDisabled.png). Transfers in both directions are enabled by default.

  6. Click Logout and close your browser when you are done.

Transfer Client UI

Note: If are doing your evaluation using a single system, the local files on the left and the server files on the right are actually on the same system. (You can find your uploaded files on this system in the default storage folder: C:\ProgramData\Attachmate\RSecureServer\FileXpress.) In a typical production deployment, the server files will be on your designated file storage server.