Install the Evaluation Software

For this evaluation, you'll install all three FileXpress Gateway services on a single system and transfer files to and from that system. (If you set up the optional Reflection for Secure IT Server, it must be installed on a separate system. It is not required for this evaluation.)

Note: If you prefer to evaluate using a distributed system, you will need to run the installer on each computer in your configuration, selecting the appropriate features for each installation. For details, see Installing FileXpress Gateway in the FileXpress Gateway Administrator's Guide. If any of your test systems are outside your network firewall, also review the information under Ports and Firewall Configuration.

To install an evaluation copy of FileXpress Gateway

  1. Log in as an administrator on the Windows Server that you are using for your evaluation.
  2. Go to the FileXpress Gateway evaluation request page.Enter the requested user information, and click Submit. This sends an email message with download instructions to the address you provided.
  3. Open your Attachmate Product Evaluation email message and click the download link. This link takes you to a list of available downloads, including both FileXpress Gateway and the free PKI Services Manager Add-On.

    Note: For this evaluation you do not need to install PKI Services Manager.

  4. Download and launch the filexpress-gateway-1.0.0.nnn.exe file.
  5. Select a location for the installer files and click OK. The files are extracted to the specified location, and the Setup program starts.
  6. Install using defaults. This installs all three FileXpress Gateway services: the Secure Shell Proxy, the Transfer Server, and the Gateway Administrator.

    Note: FileXpress Gateway requires the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. It is installed by the Setup program if it is not already on your system. The FileXpress Gateway installation continues after this prerequisite is installed.

  7. Select the option "Restart my computer for me."

    Note: A Windows restart is required to complete the installation. It also starts the FileXpress Gateway services. To confirm that the services are installed and running, you can use the Windows Services console (Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Services). The following three services should be present and running: Attachmate FileXpress Gateway Administrator, Attachmate FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy, and Attachmate FileXpress Transfer Server.