Try out email registration

In the earlier exercise to add the test user "Joe", you provided the user password. It is also possible to configure FileXpress to send an email notification to new external users that enables these users to set their own passwords. In the sample evaluation scenario, this approach will be used by sales agents to provision new customers.

To add a new user using email registration

  1. Log on to Gateway Administrator using the admin account.
  2. Go to Users and click New.
    • Set UserID to "Mary."
    • Set Email address to an actual email address that you have access to.
    • Click Save.
  3. Go to the email client for the address you used. You should see an email with the subject, "Your FileXpress User Account."
  4. Open the email. Note the following values, which are provided using FileXpress email tokens:
    • The username (Mary in this example) is provided in the first paragraph.
    • The link in the second paragraph uses the base URL you configured in the Gateway Administrator properties file.
    • The email in the last paragraph is the email you set for the admin user who created this account.
  5. Click the link in the second paragraph and proceed past the certificate error.
  6. Enter the Username (Mary in this example) and click Reset.
  7. Return to the email address you used for this account, open the "FileXpress Password Request" email and click the link in this email. This takes you to the Change password page.
  8. Enter Mary for Username, enter a password for this user and click Submit.

    You should see a message saying "Login successful. You have no transfer sites available." (If you have already added the new user to one or more transfer sites, the Transfer Client opens and displays the available sites.)

  9. Return to the email address to find a confirmation message with the subject "FileXpress Account Update."

You can customize the content and format of this message. The default is shown below:

Transfer Client UI

Note: If you want to repeat this test, delete the user first. Account creation email is sent only when a user is initially created.