Delegated Administration

The default admin account that has been used in this guide is a member of a built-in FileXpress group called Administrators. This group has complete privileges to modify all system settings as well as adding users and transfer sites. When you want to delegate more limited responsibilities to users, you can add them to groups with more limited privileges. As an example FileXpress Gateway provides a default group called Transfer Site Administrators.

Members of the Transfer Site Administrators group can create and manage transfer sites and add users. Unlike members of the Administrator's group, these users can view only the sites that they have created (or sites someone else has given them rights to manage). To see how this works, you can add a test user to this group.

For example, to meet the requirements described in the sample evaluation scenario, each sales agent will be added to the Transfer Site Administrators group.

To add the user "Joe" to the Transfer Site Administrators group

  1. Log on to Gateway Administrator using the admin account.
  2. From the Users page, select the user "Joe" and click Edit.
  3. Use the FileXpress group membership drop-down list to add this user to the Transfer Site Administrators group. Notice that after you do this, you can see that Joe will inherit two new roles from this group: Manage transfer sites and Manage FileXpress users.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Logout to log out of the admin account, then log in to Gateway Administrator as Joe.

    Joe sees a different view of Gateway Administrator. Only three tabs are visible: Transfer Sites, Users, and About. The transfer sites you created using the admin account are not visible to this delegated user.

  6. Try creating and testing a transfer site, then log in again as admin to see that all the sites—including the one you created as a delegated administrator—can be seen and edited by a member of the Administrators group.


Transfer Client UI

For more information about working with roles, see Roles in FileXpress Gateway in the Administrator's Guide.