Elevate the privileges of the Gateway Administrator service

By default, the Gateway Administrator runs using the Network Service account, which has limited privileges. This helps ensure the security of your system by reducing the risk of an elevation of privilege attack; however it can also prevent Post Transfer Actions from running in some configurations.

Note: The following procedure for elevating the privileges of the service is required in the default evaluation configuration used in this guide, where all three FileXpress Gateway services on the same system. This step is not required in a production environment where you've set up file storage on an SFTP server.

To increase the privileges of the Gateway Administrator Service by running as the Local System account

  1. On the FileXpress Gateway Administrator computer, open the Windows Services console (Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Services).
  2. Right-click the Attachmate FileXpress Gateway Administrator service, select Properties, then select the Log On tab.
  3. Set Log on as to Local System account and click OK.
  4. Click Restart to restart the service. Wait a few minutes after the restart before continuing your evaluation.