Email Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot email problems, use the Gateway Administrator console log file. The default location is:

C:\Program Files\Attachmate\FileXpress\Gateway\GatewayAdministrator\logs\console.yyyymmdd.log

Also review the following troubleshooting guidelines:

Problem: No email is being sent.

  • To test the email server connection, go to System > Email Server and click Test Connection. If this test fails, confirm the SMTP server and Port values.
  • After you confirm that the email server connection is working, try sending a test email. Go to System > Email Templates and click Preview. Enter your email address in the To: field and click Send Test Email. If this fails, see the next item.

Problem: The email server connection succeeds, but test email sent from the Email Templates page fails.

  • The sender name or address might be invalid. Open the Preview option and try replacing the token used for Sender address email with a valid email address for your server. If this fixes the problem, go to the Email Server page and replace the global Sender address on this page, or edit the template to use the valid address instead of the token.
  • Your server may require a valid user and password. If you omitted UserID and Password on the Email Server tab, enter valid credentials and test again.
  • Confirm that the Email Server settings for Secure connection meet the requirements of your email server.

Problem: The link in a FileXpress email leads to a web page not available error.

Problem: Email is generally working, but some specific email messages aren't sent.

  • Confirm that the email address specified for the user is correct. An incorrectly entered email addresses will not result in an error in the console log. This error is handled by the SMTP server. Check for undeliverable mail notifications in the inbox of the user account specified in the Email Server tab.
  • User registration email is sent only when a user is first added, not after subsequent edits. If the initial registration email fails because of an incorrect user address, correct the address on the Edit User page. You can manually update the password at this time. Or, users who know their user ID but have not yet set a password can create a password by clicking the link in a transfer site access email, and then using the Forgot password? option.
  • Because the Gateway Administrator provides access to sensitive information, users who are members of any group with access to the Gateway Administrator cannot reset their password using the Transfer Client reset link. These users will not receive any email notification after clicking the link. Users with the Manage FileXpress users role can reset their password using Gateway Administrator. Gateway Administrator users who do not have this role should contact a member or the Administrators or Transfer Site Administrators group.

Problem: Email is not sent in a timely manner, is not sent at all, and/or the server starts showing very high CPU utilization

  • You may have multiple queued email messages that are not being sent or are taking unexpectedly long to send. Check the event queue file (<install path>\GatewayAdministrator\etc\emailQueue.rnd). If this file is large (>500 KB), it suggests that failing emails are preventing other emails from being processed. To remove all queued emails, stop the Gateway Administrator service and delete this file.