Post Transfer Actions

A Post Transfer Action (PTA) is a program that is invoked on the file storage server after a file has been successfully uploaded to the server. You can configure PTAs in Gateway Administrator or in a Reflection for Secure IT server that has been configured to act as the file storage server.

  • Post Transfer Actions configured in Gateway Administrator

    PTAs configured in Gateway Administrator are associated with transfer sites. By default, new sites are added with no associated PTAs. The transfer site administrator can add any defined PTA to the transfer site. A PTA that has been added to a transfer site runs after each successful upload of a file to that site. This approach is appropriate when you want to configure different actions for different transfer sites, or when you want actions to follow uploads to some sites, but not others.

  • Post Transfer Actions in a Reflection for Secure IT server

    This approach is available if you have configured Reflection for Secure IT for Windows as your file storage server. PTAs configured on this server are global. By default, Post Transfer actions act on all files uploaded to this server. A filter option is available that enables you to limit the action to all files that match the filter specification. For example, you might configure a post transfer action to act only on files with a *.exe extension. This approach is appropriate when you want to ensure that actions take place after all uploads. A typical use for this kind of PTA is running a virus scanner.

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