Add LDAP Users to the Administrators Group

If you have added an LDAP server to FileXpress, you should add users from that server to the FileXpress Gateway Administrators group. This helps ensure that the correct users will have full access to FileXpress Gateway configuration using their Active Directory logon credentials, and that backup administrators are available to provide access if needed.

Note: You might want to retain one or more accounts in the FileXpress LDAP server as members of the Administrators group. This helps ensure that you can log into Gateway Administrator if there is a problem with access to your added LDAP server(s). If you do this, ensure that all FileXpress administrator accounts use a secure password that meets your company's password requirements.

To add LDAP users to the Administrators group

  1. Log on to Gateway Administrator using the default admin account (or any account that is a member of the Administrators group).
  2. From the Groups page, select the Administrators group and click Edit.
  3. Click Add Members.
  4. Set LDAP Server to your added LDAP server.
  5. Use Filter User to help you locate the user or users you want to add.
  6. Select one or more users and click Add. This action saves the change. You can continue adding users in this way.
  7. When you're done adding users, click Done. This closes the Add Members page. You should see your added users in the members list.
  8. Click Done to exit the Edit Group page.