Creating and Editing Groups

You can create and edit groups in the FileXpress directory. You cannot modify the groups in added LDAP servers; however, you can add users from an added LDAP server to your FileXpress groups.

There are two ways to change FileXpress group membership.

  • Edit a group

    You can add or delete members from any existing group. If you are creating a new group, you need to create the group first, then modify the members list as a separate step.

    This option allows you to add members of the FileXpress directory and any added LDAP servers.

    Required role: System setup

  • Edit a user

    You can modify the list of groups that a user is a member of.

    This option is available only for members of the FileXpress directory.

    Required roles: System setup and Manage FileXpress users

To add a new group

  1. On the Groups page, set LDAP Server to FileXpress.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a GroupID and Description.
  4. (Optional) Assign roles to this group.
  5. Click Save.

To edit a group's list of members

  1. On the Groups page, select a FileXpress group and click Edit.
  2. Click Add Members.
  3. Set LDAP Server to the directory from which you want to add users.
  4. Use Filter User to help you locate the user or users you want to add.
  5. Select one or more users and click Add. You can continue adding users in this way.

    Note: Clicking Add saves the change to the group.

  6. When you're done adding users, click Done. This closes the Add Members page. You should see your added users in the members list.

To edit a user's group membership

  1. On the Users page, select a FileXpress user and click Edit.
    • To add a user to a group, use the selection box. Added groups, and the roles the user inherits from these groups, are displayed under the selection box.
    • To remove a user from a group, click the x in the box displaying the group name.
  2. Click Save.


Default Groups

FileXpress Gateway includes two default groups.

  • The Administrators group enables members to perform all available actions. The roles in this group cannot be modified and you cannot delete this group.
  • The Transfer Site Administrators group enables members to add new users and transfer sites. The roles in this group cannot be modified and you cannot delete this group.