Use this page to view and manage FileXpress users. These users can log into the FileXpress Transfer Client and access any transfer sites that they are members of.

  • To view the Users page, you must be a member of a group with the Manage FileXpress users role enabled.
  • If Gateway Administrator has an external LDAP directory configured, select the directory name in the drop-down list next to LDAP Server to view these users. The user list is read-only for users in added LDAP directories; all passwords and identifying information for these users is managed on the LDAP server.
  • The LDAP server might set a limit on the number of users that can be listed. This limit affects only the number of users who can be listed and viewed, not the number of users who are provisioned. If the list does not display all users, use the Filter User option to view users who are not visible in the default list.
  • The Expires column is visible only when LDAP server is set to FileXpress.
  • Click on a column heading to sort the list based on the entries in that column.
  • To select multiple users, click multiple check boxes, or use Shift+click to select a range of currently visible users.


LDAP Server

Specifies which LDAP directory to display. The built-in FileXpress directory is available and selected by default. The FileXpress administrator can add additional directories from LDAP Servers.


Open New User.

Available only when LDAP server is set to FileXpress.


Open Edit User to edit the selected user.

Available only when LDAP server is set to FileXpress and only a single user is selected.


Delete the selected user or users.

Available only when LDAP server is set to FileXpress.

You cannot delete the administrator account that you are currently logged in as.

Filter User

Search the selected directory for users that contain the entered string.


Removes the filter and lists all users in the selected directory.

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