Configure PTAs in Reflection for Secure IT

If you have configured Reflection for Secure IT (version 8.2 or later) as your file storage server, you can set up Post Transfer Actions directly on this server. PTAs created this way are global; they act on all uploaded files by default and are not associated with transfer sites. A typical use for this kind of PTA is running a virus scanner.

PTAs configured on the Reflection for Secure IT server run under the same account as the Reflection for Secure IT service (the Local System account). This account has administrative privileges on the local system.

  • By default, Post Transfer actions act on all files uploaded to this server. A filter option is available that enables you to limit the action to all files that match the filter specification.
  • You can configure multiple PTAs, but the order of actions in the Post Transfer Actions pane does not control the order of execution for these actions. To ensure that a series of actions takes place in a predictable sequence, include the actions in one batch file.
  • Outputs from one PTA cannot be used as inputs to another PTA.
  • Failed execution of a PTA does not prevent other PTAs from executing.
  • PTAs are executed only after successful transfers. They do not run after unsuccessful (or canceled) transfers.
  • PTAs are not supported for downloads or other file transfer events (such as renaming or deleting a file on the server).
  • By default, up to 50 actions can execute simultaneously. You can modify this default on the Post Transfer Actions pane.

Logging for Reflection for Secure IT PTAs

Error messages and PTA output can be viewed in either the Windows Event Viewer or the server's debug (text) log file. Windows Event logging is enabled by default, but the default logging level does not include the PTA output; you need to increase the logging level to "Information" to see this content. Debug logging is not enabled by default. For working with PTAs, enabling debug logging to a text file is recommended.

To configure PTA logging to a text file on a Reflection for Secure IT Server

  1. From the Reflection for Secure IT Configuration tab, click Debug Logging.
  2. Click Enable debug logging to log file. By default, this log is set to Information, which is is sufficient to include PTA output and error messages.

    You can click Custom to fine-tune the level of output that is sent to this log. Three settings control PTA output: LOG_I_PTA_ERROR, LOG_I_PTA_RESULT, and LOG_T_PTA.

  3. Save your settings (File > Save Settings).

To view the text log file

  • From the Reflection for Secure IT console View menu, select View Latest Debug Log File.

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