Define a PTA in Reflection for Secure IT

If you have configured Reflection for Secure IT as your file storage server, you can add Post Transfer Actions to this server.

Before you begin

  • Install the Reflection for Secure IT server.
  • In the Reflection for Secure IT console, enable debug logging to a text file.
  • In the Gateway Administrator File Storage tab, select SFTP server and configure a connection to your Reflection for Secure IT server. Confirm that transfer sites can upload successfully to this server.

To configure Post Transfer Actions in Reflection for Secure IT

  1. From Reflection for Secure IT console, go to Configuration > Post Transfer Actions.
  2. Click Add to create a new PTA.

    For information about configuring File filter, Program, and Arguments, refer to the dialog box help and the examples below.

  3. Save your settings (File > Save Settings).


Use these examples as models for testing and configuring PTAs.

Example 1: Send a directory listing to the log file

This example sends a directory listing to the log file. The default file filter triggers the action after every upload. The program for these PTAs must be specified using the full path; in this example it is the path to the Windows cmd command. The $FILE_PATH$ token is used to get the listing of the upload directory. Because the destination directory might include spaces, this token is enclosed in double quotation marks.

File filter:  .*

Program: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

Arguments: /c dir "$FILE_PATH$"

Note: Use the /c argument when you use the Windows cmd command. This switch specifies that cmd should exit after the specified command is carried out.

Example 2: Copy uploaded PDF documents to specified directory

This example copies uploaded PDF files to an existing destination directory. The file filter uses a regular expression to specify all files with a .pdf file extension.

File filter:  .*\.pdf

Program: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

Arguments: /c copy "$FULL_PATH$" c:\fxgout

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