Add a PTA to a Transfer Site

To run a post transfer action (PTA), you need to add the action to a transfer site. After a PTA has been added to a transfer site, if the PTA is enabled (the default), it will act on all files that are successfully uploaded to that site. Post transfer actions do not run after uploads to transfer sites that have no added actions.

  • To add or edit the actions associated with a transfer site, you must be a member of a group with the Manage transfer sites role enabled.

Before you begin

  • One or more PTAs must already be defined.

To add a PTA to a transfer site

  1. Connect to the FileXpress Gateway Administrator.
  2. On the Transfer Sites tab, click New or select an existing site and click Edit.
  3. Use the Add actions drop-down list to select the action or actions you want to add. Added actions appear below the drop-down list. Click the X in any added action to remove that action.

    Note: You can assign more than one post transfer action to a transfer site, but the order of actions in the transfer site page does not control the order of execution for these actions. To ensure that a series of actions takes place in a predictable sequence, include the actions in a single script or batch file.

  4. Click Save.

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