Ensuring High Availability of the FileXpress Gateway Servers

The procedures in this section describe how to configure a FileXpress Gateway environment to ensure high availability of file transfer services. The diagram below shows a sample configuration with two FileXpress Proxy Servers in the DMZ and two Gateway Administrators in the internal network.

  • FileXpress Proxy server configuration is accomplished by manually copying configuration files between the server instances. No replication takes place between these servers. Once these servers are set up, changes are generally minimal and you can copy files manually as required after any settings change.
  • The FileXpress Gateway configuration involves manually copying some configuration files and also setting up clustering, which provides ongoing replication of data between the servers. Changes you make to users and transfer sites from any Gateway Administrator in the cluster are automatically copied to all other members of the cluster.


In this Section

Create a Gateway Administrator Cluster

Configure Gateway Administrator for Failover and Load Balancing

Remove a Server from a Gateway Administrator Cluster

ConfigServer Command Line Utility

Configure Multiple FileXpress Proxy Servers