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Use this page to designate a file storage server to be used for FileXpress Gateway transfer sites. Files for each transfer site you create are placed in a subdirectory of the designated base directory on the file storage server.

Note: The name and location of the base directory you configure for your file storage server is not made visible to client users. The folder name that users see when they connect is the value you specify for Transfer site name when you create a transfer site. The actual subdirectory on the file storage server is the value you specify for Directory name.

FileXpress proxy

When this option is selected, transfer site directories are created on the FileXpress Gateway Proxy. The default base directory on this server is:


This base directory can be modified from the FileXpress Gateway Proxy computer using the FileXpress Secure Shell Proxy console. For details, see Configure File Storage on the FileXpress Proxy.

SFTP server

Selecting this option displays settings for configuring a connection to an SFTP server. Transfer site directories are created on the specified SFTP server.

The SFTP server configuration options are:


The name or IP address of the SFTP server. This can be a Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows (available for install using the FileXpress Gateway setup program) or another SFTP server running any platform.


The port used for SFTP and SSH connections on the server. Port 22 is the standard.


Host key fingerprint

Connections to the SFTP server require host authentication using a public key. Once you have specified a server and port, you can click Retrieve to import this key. The host key fingerprint displays the SHA1 hash of the retrieved key.



Specify a valid user account on the SFTP server. FileXpress Gateway uses the credentials of this account to access the file system on this server.



The password for the specified user.


Base directory

Specify the base directory under which FileXpress transfer site directories will be created. Click Browse to connect to the server and select a location. This automatically enters a path using the correct syntax for your server type. By default, the base directory is set to a subdirectory called FileXpressGateway in the directory you selected. This is not required; you can edit or delete this subdirectory name.

Note: The directory you select must be available to the specified user account.


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