QuickPads Property Example

This example determines how many QuickPads are available to the active session (with the aid of the Count property), and then lists them (with the aid of the Item method).

Sub Main()

 Dim Sys As Object, Sess As Object, QPads As Object


 Set Sys = CreateObject("EXTRA.System")

' Assumes an open session

 Set Sess = Sys.ActiveSession


' Assumes that there are one or more QuickPads available

 QPadCount = Sess.QuickPads.Count


 For i = 1 to QPadCount

  QPadNames$ = QPadNames$ + Sess.QuickPads.Item(i).Name + " "



 MsgBox "The number of QuickPads = " + QPadCount + ". They are: " + QPadNames$

End Sub