CopyAppend Method Example

This example:

1 Copies the entire session screen to the Clipboard.

2 Copies and appends another copy of the entire screen to the Clipboard.

Sub Main()

 Dim Sys As Object, Sess As Object, MyScreen As Object, _

 ' Invoke the clipboard viewer



 Set Sys = CreateObject("EXTRA.System")

 ' NOTE: Assumes an open session and connects to the "Active Session"

 Set Sess = Sys.ActiveSession


 ' This example uses the Copy method first.

 Set MyScreen = Sess.Screen

 MyScreen.SelectAll  'select the entire screen

 MyScreen.Copy 'copy the entire screen to the clipboard


 ' This example demonstrates the CopyAppend method for Screen object.

 MyScreen.SelectAll 'select the entire screen


 MsgBox "Another copy of the screen was copied and appended to the clipboard."


End Sub