Enable Usage Metering

The Reflection Metering Server allows administrators to track Extra! sessions and determine how many client workstations use the product. Metering can also be used to limit the number of concurrent users that can access a host at any given time.

Use this procedure to enable metering after the product is installed.

To enable metering via group policy

  1. Install the administrative template file for Extra!. See Administer Features using Windows Group Policy.

  2. Run the Windows Group Policy editor (gpedit.msc):

    • In Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Vista: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) > Reflection Settings > Client Metering.

    • In Windows Server 2003: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Reflection Settings > Client Metering.

    • In Windows XP: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > > Extra! X-treme > Client Metering.

      Setting Name and Description

      Value Type

      Client metering, Require connection to metering server, and Metering web server:

      If this policy is enabled, Extra! attempts to contact the Reflection metering server at the specified URL. If Extra! cannot contact the metering server and "Require connection to metering server" is checked, Extra! exits after issuing an error message.


  3. Under Configure Client Metering, check the Enabled radio button.

  4. In the Metering URL box, enter the URL of your metering server.


    http://[host name]:[port number]/[metering server context name]/meter.do

    For example:


    NOTE:If you used the default port, you can omit the colon and port number.

  5. Select Require metering only if you want to prevent users from launching Extra! when the metering server is not available. (Enabling this setting can be useful when you are creating a trial installation and want to test to see if the metering server is running and available.)