Installing the Tandem Emulation Option

Support for Tandem emulation is provided as an option to Extra!. It must be installed separately, after Extra! (or the Extra! Evaluation product) has been installed.

To order support for Tandem emulation, contact your sales representative.

To install Tandem emulation

  1. Install Extra! or the Extra! Evaluation product.

  2. From the root of the product DVD or eDelivery image, open the 6530CD1 folder.

  3. Double-click install.exe.

  4. Click Install Extra! 6530 Client Option 9.[x].

  5. Select a language, and click OK.

  6. Respond to the subsequent prompts.

    NOTE:Tandem emulation support can also be installed from a network location or from the command line using the file EE946530.msi.