This Help Update provides up-to-date information for installing and configuring Attachmate EXTRA! X-treme. Included are procedures for commonly performed administrative tasks, such as configuring secure connections for deployment and controlling features through group policy.

EXTRA! is a Windows desktop application that gives you access to multiple host types on your enterprise network via most direct, remote, or LAN connections. Using Extra!, you can:

  • Access IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, VAX/VMX, UNIX and asynchronous systems.
  • Protect your host assets with security protocols such as SSL/TLS and SSH.
  • Run host applications, transfer files, and integrate data into other Windows applications.
  • Increase productivity by using features such as Spell Check, Auto Expand, Auto Complete, Screen History, and Scratch Pad.
  • Create e-mail messages, schedule appointments, and launch Microsoft Word from within the EXTRA! framework.