Upgrading to EXTRA! 9.3 Service Pack 1

If you're upgrading from myEXTRA! Enterprise 7.11 or EXTRA! 8.0-9.2, you must install EXTRA! 9.3 before you install the Service Pack 1.

To choose a different User Data Location during setup, perform a manual upgrade to retain your user configuration files. For more information, see Technical Note 2150.

If you are upgrading from EXTRA! Personal Client Version 6.x, see Technical Note 2151.

Note: If you uninstall EXTRA! Personal Client 6.5 plus the service pack and then install EXTRA!, the application icons for EXTRA! in the Programs section of the Start menu may display as Windows application icons. If this occurs, Microsoft recommends that you remove or delete the hidden file SHELLICONCACHE from the Windows directory, and restart the computer.

Upgrading CAIL HP NonStop/Tandem/6530 emulation

Tandem emulation must be upgraded separately, after the EXTRA! 9.3 Service Pack 1 is installed. Make sure that version 9.3 of the EXTRA! 6530 Client is installed, and then run the patch P932594.msp, located in a separate folder on the service pack installation image.

Note: Tandem emulation support can also be installed from a network location or from the command line using the file EE936530.msi.