Administer Features using Windows Group Policy

System administrators can add and remove features to specified user groups after EXTRA! X-treme is installed by using Windows Group Policy. For example, you can implement the following features:

  • Microsoft Office Productivity features
  • FIPS 140-2 security setting
  • Metering and licensing of the product

To use Windows Group Policy, you must first install the administrative template file included with EXTRA! X-treme.

To install the administrative template file

  1. Copy the file EXTRA!.adm from the adm\<language> folder on the DVD or installation image to the \%systemroot%\inf folder (for example, C:\Windows\inf\).
  2. Add the file EXTRA!.adm to your Windows Group Policy editor.
    1. From a command line, run Gpedit.msc.
    2. Expand the Computer Configuration tree, right-click Administrative Templates and select Add/Remove Templates.
    3. In the Add/Remove Templates dialog box, click Add and browse to the \%systemroot%\inf folder (for example, “C:\Windows\inf”).
    4. Select the file EXTRA!.adm and click Open.
    5. Close the Add/Remove Templates dialog box.
  3. In the tree, expand Administrative Templates > Attachmate > EXTRA! X-treme.

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