Configure Sessions that Connect using the Security Proxy and User Authorization Tokens

Use this procedure to create EXTRA! X-treme 3270, 5250, and VT emulation sessions that connect to the Reflection Security Proxy Server, including sessions that require security tokens for user authorization (also referred to as "token passing").

EXTRA! X-treme sessions created in Administrative WebStation are stored on the Reflection Management Server and made available to end users or groups from the Links List.

Note: EXTRA! X-treme also supports host connections made using a Reflection Security Proxy that is not configured to require user authorization (for example, a Security Proxy that uses the Pass Through proxy type). You can configure these sessions in EXTRA! X-treme by specifying the port on the Security Proxy Server that is defined for the destination host. Sessions created outside of Administrative WebStation are not available to users or groups from the Reflection Management Server Links List.

To create a session

  1. Start and log on to Administrative WebStation.
  2. From the left pane, click Session Manager.
  3. Click Add to open the Add New Session page.
  4. From the Windows-Based list, select EXTRA! X-treme, type a descriptive session name. This name is sent to the emulator and is included in the session profile.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Specify the directory on the user's workstation where settings files will be stored and whether these files will overwrite existing user files.
  7. Click Launch.

    EXTRA! X-treme opens in Administrative WebStation mode to the New Session Wizard.

  8. Follow the wizard's prompts to configure the session. Make sure to leave the default option Reflection Security Proxy selected as the type of connection.
  9. On the Reflection Security tab, from the Proxy server address menu, specify a Reflection Security Proxy Server.

    A description of the selected Reflection Security Proxy Server appears below the fields.

    • If the Security Proxy requires user authorization, type the destination host's IP address or host name and port number in the fields provided.
    • If the Security Proxy does not require user authorization, the destination host will be preconfigured in the Host address and Host port. No action is required.
  10. Click Next and continue through the wizard to complete the configuration.
  11. When you click Finish, the session opens in EXTRA! X-treme.

    After the session successfully connects, you can further customize the session in EXTRA! X-treme.

  12. Save and close the new session.

    The session file is then saved to the Reflection Management Server.

    To create another session, repeat this procedure. You can only create (or have open) one session at a time when running EXTRA! X-treme in Administrative WebStation mode.

To make the session available to users

  • Use Access Mapper in the Administrative WebStation to provide access to specific users or groups. If the Reflection Management Server has been configured to integrate with your enterprise directory using LDAP, the Access Mapper operates in different mode. For more information, refer to the documentation included with Reflection Security Gateway.

    After you make the session available to users, it appears on their Links List as a hyperlink (URL). For more information, see How Users Start Sessions from the Reflection Management Server.

To modify the session's settings

Use the following procedure to modify EXTRA! X-treme sessions created in the Administrative WebStation. If you modify these sessions outside of Administrative WebStation, many of the Reflection security settings will be unavailable.

  1. Start and log in to Administrative WebStation.
  2. Select Session Manager and then click the session name.
  3. Click Launch.
  4. After you make changes, save the file as prompted.

    Your modified session file replaces the existing session file of the same name on the Reflection Management Server.