Deploying Sessions with Reflection Security Gateway

This section provides instructions on deploying EXTRA! X-treme sessions using Attachmate Reflection Security Gateway. Reflection Security Gateway provides increased security to legacy host applications by leveraging the current enterprise authentication infrastructure.

The main advantage of Reflection Security Gateway is the ability to configure EXTRA! X-treme terminal sessions to make connections through the Reflection Security Proxy Server. The Security Proxy Server increases host security through such options as user authentication tokens, which control host access, and SSL/TLS encryption. Because session configuration is stored on the Reflection Management Server, you can administer updates as needed, effectively pushing changes out to client workstations.


  • On the Administrator's workstation, installation of EXTRA! X-treme 9.3 and a browser (with Java enabled).
  • Reflection Security Gateway components can be installed on one or more servers available over the network.

Reflection Security Gateway

This product includes the following components:

  • Administrative WebStation. A password-protected, centralized website hosted by the Reflection Management Server from which administrators can configure, secure, and deploy terminal sessions.
  • Reflection Security Proxy Server. A server that provides additional security to Windows-based sessions by applying SSL/TLS encryption and user authorization using security tokens.
  • Reflection Management Server. A server that stores sessions created in Administrative WebStation and makes them available to end users. It also optionally authenticates and authorizes users connecting to hosts via the Reflection Security Proxy Server.
  • Reflection Metering Server. A server that tracks and reports the usage of Windows-based Attachmate products.

For more information about these components, see the documentation included with Reflection Security Gateway.

In this Section

Configure Sessions that Connect using the Security Proxy and User Authorization Tokens

How Users Start Sessions from the Reflection Management Server

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