What's New in EXTRA! X-treme 9.3

Here is a summary of the new and enhanced features in this version.

Certified Windows 8 compatible

EXTRA! X-treme 9.3 meets the requirements outlined in the Windows 8 Compatible logo specification, including (but not limited to) adherence of the Windows Security best practices and 64-bit support.

Updated SSL/TLS and SSH security components

This release includes the latest Attachmate Reflection security components for SSL/TLS and SSH. These cryptographic modules are validated against the stringent Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2) federal security specification and enable Attachmate products to adhere to the DOD PKI certification requirements. For instructions on using updated Reflection security components in your sessions, see Creating Secure Connections in EXTRA!.

Integration with Reflection Security Gateway

Reflection Security Gateway provides increased security to EXTRA! X-treme by leveraging the current enterprise authentication infrastructure. By using Reflection Security Gateway with EXTRA! X-treme, you have access to the following features:

  • Improved Session Management

    Create sessions and make them available to client workstations from the Reflection Management Server. The Reflection Management Server authenticates users connecting to hosts via the Reflection Security Proxy Server. For details, see Deploying Sessions with Reflection Security Gateway.

  • User Authorization Support

    Increase security in your host connections by using the Reflection Security Proxy Server to control access with user authorization tokens. For details, see Configure Sessions that Connect using the Security Proxy and User Authentication Tokens.

  • ID Management

    Clients can use resource IDs to authenticate host connections, eliminating the need for administrators to create configurations for each and every client. For more information, see Configure Sessions to use ID Manager to Assign Terminal IDs.

  • Usage Metering

    Use metering to track and report product usage from client workstations. Metering also allows you to limit the number of concurrent users that can access a host at a given time. Metering is a web-based management system provided by the Reflection Metering Server, which is included in Reflection Security Gateway. For more information, see Enable Usage Metering.