Preparing the Installation

There are several ways that you can prepare the EXTRA! X-treme installation to suit your environment prior to end user installation. These include:

  • Changing default values provided in the MSI file for installation options
  • Adding files to the installation.
  • Creating a batch file to facilitate installing EXTRA! X-treme from the command-line
  • Advertising the installation or installing through group policy

    Note: To install EXTRA! X-treme directly, users must have administrative rights; however, you can make EXTRA! X-treme available to restricted users by advertising the installation or through group policy.

For more detailed information, refer to the following topics:

Customizing the installation. Instructions for creating a transform file that provides new default values for installation options and global preferences. With transform files, you can add preconfigured sessions and other files.

Preparing an administrative installation. Instructions that show how to make the EXTRA! X-treme installation available from a network location for later installation by users.

Installing EXTRA! to run from a network location. Instructions for installing EXTRA! X-treme to a network server and distributing additional required files to local computers.

Installing EXTRA! through a group policy. Information about using the Microsoft Group Policies feature to assign an EXTRA! X-treme installation to users or computers, or to publish an installation to users.

Setting up an advertised installation. A procedure that describes how to advertise EXTRA! X-treme to users. (An advertised installation causes an EXTRA! X-treme shortcut to appear on the Start menu. EXTRA! X-treme is installed when the user clicks the shortcut.)

Deploying EXTRA! sessions with Reflection Security Gateway. After installation, create and deliver sessions that provide additional security, such as SSL/TLS encryption and token passing, to your host connections.