If you're upgrading from myEXTRA! Enterprise 7.11 or EXTRA! X-treme 8.0-9.2, you can install EXTRA! X-treme 9.3 without uninstalling the previous version.

Note: When uninstalling EXTRA! Personal Client 6.5 plus the service pack and then installing EXTRA! X-treme, the application icons for EXTRA! X-treme in the Programs section of the Start menu may display as Windows application icons instead of EXTRA! X-treme icons. If this occurs, Microsoft recommends that you remove or delete the hidden file SHELLICONCACHE from the Windows directory, and restart the computer.

To choose a different User Data Location during setup, perform a manual upgrade to retain your user configuration files. For more information, see Technical Note 2150.

If you are upgrading from EXTRA! Personal Client Version 6.x, see Technical Note 2151.