New Features
System Requirements
Upgrading to EXTRA! 9.3 Service Pack 1
Preparing the Installation
Customize the EXTRA! Installation
Preparing an Administrative Installation of EXTRA!
Installing EXTRA! to Run from a Network Location
Installing EXTRA! Through Group Policy
Setting up an Advertised Installation
Properties in the EXTRA! MSI File
Installing EXTRA!
Installing from the DVD or eDelivery Files
Installing EXTRA! from a Network Location
Installing EXTRA! from the Command Line
Installing the Tandem Emulation Option
Installing Reflection Secure FTP
Deploy with Reflection Security Gateway
Connect to Hosts via Reflection Security Proxy
Connect using Client Authorization
Connect using Pass Through Mode
Connect using End-to-End Security and Express Logon in 3270 Sessions
Make Sessions Available to Users from Administrative WebStation
Modify a Session Created in Administrative WebStation
Configure Sessions to use ID Manager to Assign Terminal IDs
Enable Usage Metering
Securing EXTRA! Sessions
Connect to an IBM Mainframe via SSL/TLS
Connect to an IBM AS/400 Host via SSL/TLS
Connect to an Asynchronous Host via SSL/TLS
Connect to an Asynchronous Host via SSH
Enable FIPS Mode Using Group Policy
Authenticating with Certificates in EXTRA!
Configure Certificate Revocation Checking
Reflection Secure Shell Settings Dialog Box
General Tab (Secure Shell Settings)
Proxy Tab (Secure Shell Settings)
Encryption Tab (Secure Shell Settings)
Tunneling Tab (Secure Shell Settings)
User Keys Tab (Secure Shell Settings)
Host Keys Tab (Secure Shell Settings)
GSSAPI Tab (Secure Shell Settings)
Multi-hop Tab (Secure Shell Settings)
PKI Tab (Secure Shell Settings)
Host Data Tab (Secure Shell Settings)
Reflection Certificate Manager
Personal Tab (Reflection Certificate Manager)
Trusted Certification Authorities Tab (Reflection Certificate Manager)
LDAP Tab (Reflection Certificate Manager)
OCSP Tab (Reflection Certificate Manager)
PKCS#11 Tab (Reflection Certificate Manager)
PKCS#11 Provider Dialog Box
Administering EXTRA!
Administer Features using Windows Group Policy
Disable Client Features with Group Policy
Auto-load Session Files with Group Policy
Encrypt Macros
Start a Session that Connects Through the Reflection Security Gateway
Run EXTRA! from the Command Line
Disable Client Features with the Security Editor
Hide or Disable Productivity Tools
Print the Screen History
Change the Font in Scratch Pad
Prevent Sessions From Disconnecting During Standby Mode
Paste Text in VT Sessions without Carriage Return Characters
Copyrights and Notices