Encrypt Macros

Use this procedure to enable macro encryption in EXTRA! version 9.2 and later in a customized deployment. This feature applies to EXTRA! Basic and CASL macros.

To encrypt macros

  1. Run the Custom Install Wizard and follow the on-screen instructions. For instructions, see Customize the EXTRA! Installation.
  2. On screen 12, select Encrypt macros. This option makes other macro encryption options available and causes EXTRA! and CASL macros to be encrypted when saved in their respective macro editor (EXTRA! Basic Editor and CASL Macro Editor). CASL source files are encrypted in addition to output files. If the source file is newer than the compiled macro, the CASL compiler produces a new CASL macro file and encrypts it.

    Note: You can unencrypt a macro by deselecting this option in the Global Preferences dialog box, and then saving the macro in its authoring application.

  3. (Optional) Select one or more of the following:
    • Encrypt existing macros when they execute. This option encrypts macros after they are run.
    • Execute only encrypted macros. This option prohibits any unencrypted macros from running. In addition, only encrypted CASL source files will be compiled.