Administer Features using Windows Group Policy

System administrators can add and remove features to specified user groups after EXTRA! is installed by using Windows Group Policy. For example, you can implement the following features:

  • Microsoft Office Productivity features
  • FIPS 140-2 security setting
  • Metering and licensing of the product

To use Windows Group Policy, you must first install the administrative template file included with EXTRA!.

To install the administrative template file

  1. Copy the file EXTRA!.adm from the adm\<language> folder on the DVD or installation image to the \%systemroot%\inf folder (for example, C:\Windows\inf\).
  2. Add the file EXTRA!.adm to your Windows Group Policy editor.
    1. From a command line, run Gpedit.msc.
    2. Expand the Computer Configuration tree, right-click Administrative Templates and select Add/Remove Templates.
    3. In the Add/Remove Templates dialog box, click Add and browse to the \%systemroot%\inf folder (for example, “C:\Windows\inf”).
    4. Select the file EXTRA!.adm and click Open.
    5. Close the Add/Remove Templates dialog box.
  3. In the tree, expand Administrative Templates > Attachmate > EXTRA! X-treme.

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