Start a Session that Connects Through the Reflection Security Gateway

Use this procedure to open EXTRA! emulation sessions that connect to the host through the Reflection Security Gateway. These sessions are stored on the Reflection Management Server.

To start a session

  1. Click the URL provided by your Administrator, which uses the format http://servername:port/rweb.
  2. Provide any necessary information to authenticate to the Reflection Management Server.
  3. From the Links List, select the session you want to open.

    The session profile and associated files are downloaded to your computer the first time the session is accessed. An updated session profile is downloaded to the client only if the previous file was deleted or if the option Overwrite end user files was selected in the Session Manager.

    After the session opens in EXTRA! and makes the connection, the status icon shows a connection to the Reflection Security Proxy Server instead of the host.

    Note: Saving a local copy of a session created in Administration WebStation is generally not recommended. If the session is modified from the Reflection Management Server, the local copy will not include the modifications.