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Installing EXTRA! X-treme Through Group Policy

If you use Active Directory, EXTRA! X-treme can be deployed to Windows workstations using the Group Policy feature, either as an assigned installation or a published installation.

  • When you assign, or advertise, an installation, the shortcuts for the installation appear on the Windows Start menu. The application is not installed until selected by a user. If the user deletes the shortcuts, they will reappear the next time the computer is started.
  • When you publish an installation on the network, the installation is made available for users to install. Users can install the application using Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel, or by opening a file that has been associated with the application.

To deploy EXTRA! with group policies, you must be familiar with group policies and the Group Policy Snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). For information, refer to the Microsoft documentation.